Preschool Bug And Insect Theme For Teaching Kid’s

Pre K Bug Theme

If there is one thing that preschool aged children will always be interested in its: BUGS & INSECTS!

This is such a fun preschool theme, as there is a lot of exploring and discussing when it comes to bugs and insects.

Some Ideas For Having Fun With This Preschool Bug Theme Are:

-make sure you have a variety of pictures of bugs you can correctly identify posted around the room

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Teacher Training In Punjab

Punjab in the recent years has seen a steady growth in the number of schools both privately owned and government aided. Only last year, the Government of Punjab announced a vacancy for 32000 teachers in elementary and secondary schools. To cater to the rising demand for skilled teachers, Punjab is now a home to many teacher training centers, which help in producing qualified teachers.
Armed with a teacher training course from Punjab, one can easily get a teaching job anywhere in India. Teaching jobs in India come with a remuneration package of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month, which is sufficient to support financially the living expenses in India. Teaching jobs in India come with many advantages. They are plenty in number and come with satisfactory pay. But even more importantly, it gives a huge scope to explore the picturesque beauty of India. In addition to that, India is a fascinating mix of the modern paraphernalia and ancient art and architecture. provides a unique opportunity to mingle with the natives and learn about ancient history, traditions and multi-cultural society.
Teaching jobs in India are fairly easy to get. Aspirants with a sound educational background, fluency in English and having completed a certified teacher training course can easily get teaching jobs. Teacher training courses are available for various levels of school education whether it be pre-primary, nursery, primary or secondary level. An aspirant must choose a course wisely depending on personal area of interest and expertise. These courses train teachers on child psychology of a particular age group and the right kind of education for them. Preparing customized lessons, exercising and evaluating them are all a part of teacher training courses.
in particular is quite popular in Punjab and is deemed to be of utmost importance because the job of a Nursery teacher is crucial since the education imparted to these very young learners forms the basis on which a child later grows and develops a unique personality. A teacher in a proper Nursery teacher training course is acquainted with child psychology and the emotional, social and cognitive needs of children. Education at this level has to be imparted in a way which is easily understandable and stirs the curiosity in every child. A Nursery teacher training course helps a teacher to plan courses and execute them in a demonstrative fashion which excites the interest of a child and helps him to participate actively thus, helping in the retention of knowledge. On completion of this course, a teacher can face the young students confidently and becomes competent in handling a classroom, disciplining students while giving free scope to a childs curiosity to grow and bloom.
Certified Nursery teacher training courses are offered by many reputed institutes in Punjab. Armed with these or any other teacher training course, a motivated individual with a knack for teaching would find it easy to get teaching jobs in Punjab or anywhere else in India.

How Teachers Are Using Microsoft Excel To Enhance Learning In The Classroom

Computers help teachers manage grades and create exciting activities for the students. The capabilities of Excel go beyond just crunching numbers and many teachers are attending Excel XP training to get everything they can out of the software.

Excel As A Grade Book
Calculating student grades is a basic activity in many Excel XP training courses, even ones without teachers attending. A grade book is an easy way to demonstrate averages, medians and other analytical formulas. However a teacher can do more than just average a student’s grade.

Grades can be placed into categories that are weighted differently, for example having homework affect the final grade less than exams. Even individual grades can be weighted like this so a short homework counts for less than a long one.

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Learning To Play Soccer As An Adult

Many parents today never got a chance to play soccer as children the way their own kids have. It’s a shame, because playing soccer is fun and it’s a great way to get and stay fit. So why not try learning to play soccer as an adult? Here are some things to consider if you are contemplating taking on the most popular game in the world.

Soccer is a mind game

There is a definite psychological component to playing soccer. Like basketball, it requires the ability to think quickly and to know what’s happening on the field of play at all times. In football, for example, a lineman has one goal: block the guy in front of him; what happens on the rest of the field is someone else’s concern. In soccer, defenders and offensive players alike have to be able to switch roles when need be and always keep the big picture in front of them. Maintaining discipline and composure as well as being confident in your physical abilities are all part of the psychological aspect of the game.

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Former Star Of The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft, Diet & Exercise

On Wednesday, Melissa Rycroft announced that she is pregnant. Former star of The Bachelor dating series and Dancing With the Stars will have no problems getting her great body back after the baby.

Training for Dancing with the Stars required eight-hour practices, seven days a week, which left Melissa trim and tonedbut exhausted. After the show she took a break and not is back to her regular exercise. She now runs two or three miles four to six days a week and strength-trains at home. Instead of dieting, Melissa and her husband made simple changes, including having most meals at home instead of in restaurants.

Melissas typical day consists of:

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